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Monday, November 11, 2013
There are so, so, many things to plan when that big day approaches. You’ve already decided on your dress, your attendants, the setting, the colors, the flowers, the cake, and they are all a reflection of your vision and the love you’re celebrating. Every bride and/or bride and groom wants to tie down those details and make it a day that will be remembered, not only by her and the one she loves, but also by the friends and family with whom she’ll be sharing this momentous and memorable day. With that in mind, you should start to give wedding favors some thought.  Here are a few choices for your favors: 

  • Frame Card Holder
  • Vintage Muslin Bags 
  • Candle Wedding Favors
Vintage Muslins Bags
Though it’s entirely possible that those attending the wedding will have photos and, of course, they’ll have memories of the occasion that they will look back on, the one tangible thing your guests will take with them will be the wedding favor. Just like the food being served, presentation is an important part, and unique favor packaging can make all the difference.  

No matter your budget or how crafty you are, there are options you can choose that will help make what ever you decide on as your favor to be even more special.  These little gems come in just about any color, pattern or size that can be imagined, and can either conceal the contents or show it off, some of them having transparent lids or even being entirely clear, like some of the bags and boxes
  • Mini Stripe Take-out Boxes
  • Reusable Burlap Tote Shopping Bag

Round Gourmet Box

There are plenty of interesting choices for today's bride.  You can start out plain and eco-friendly, and by adding custom, personalized stickers and some ribbon with your colors, turn a Plain Jane Kraft paper box or burlap bag into a miniature work of art.  They can even be personalized with tags, labels or stickers.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

More and more brides are looking to have greater versatility, individuality and pure spunk when planning their "big day"!  Who says the wedding ceremony has to be traditional or filled with pageantry to be beautiful? The rustic wedding offers a perfect alternative to the typical over-budgeted ceremony and reception.

Choosing a rustic theme affords you more flexibility to plan an affordable custom wedding that will showcase both your and your fiancée's personalities.  So, if you have decided or are contemplating a rustic ceremony there are 10 "must have" items that will make your special day a great success. 

  • Rustic faux wood place card holders can be keepsakes for your guests and serve as mini photo frames for them later.
  • Wedding invitations with "love birds" as part of the design reminds us of backyards, gardens and woodsy scenes.
  • When planning your bridal shower you can give burlap favor bags as  mementos to your bridesmaids or if you're planning a bridal luncheon a personalized burlap favor bag with coffee might be your choice.
  • When you find yourself with a ranch setting for your wedding, a vintage reception yard sign will serve as a unique directional accessory.

  •  Rustic wedding accessories like burlap table number wine bags are multi-purpose favors and items that can be used by your guests again and again.
  • Whether your reception is nestled in the mountains or outdoors on a farm or a barn, the the artful display of personalized mason jars at your tables will bolster your rustic theme.  
  • Your reception table can feature a rustic log cake stand to display yummy cupcakes for your bridal party and other guests.

  • Use wire burlap ribbon to accent balloons, tables, chairs and favors.
  • Place petite celebration garden kits around your reception, creating an eco-friendly, rustic chic, setting to enhance the ambiance.
  •  Including country accessories like candle holder stands can add  a little frolic to the occasion and help expand your rustic theme.

Use the tips above to plan an innovative, spectacular rustic wedding and reception.   It can be a wonderful adventure planning your wedding, especially if you choose to have a rustic theme with a dazzling setting and unconventional decor.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011
It' the season to celebrate with bold ideas and bold colors.  The winter holiday months of December, January and February offer ample opportunities for receptions, showers and parties.  A romantic indoor garden reception, holiday party, bridal shower, wedding reception or birthday celebration are a few affairs that come to mind.  Unique gift packaging, favor packaging and unusual boxes are affordable options when a little pizazz is in order.
Folding Presentation Box - Gourmet Favor Boxes

The vibrant color of red can inspire an atmosphere that's glamorous, romantic, cozy, simple or grand.  These gorgeous folding presentation favor boxes have clear lids and are great for displaying gourmet treats. The lovely grosgrain ribbon is pre-attached for your convenience.

Red polka dot mini-gable boxes can package scrumptious cookies, candies or other gourmet delicacies.   If you want to infuse your party with fun favors - why not give them in in boxes that will leave a lasting impression? 
Polka-dot Mini Favor Gable Boxes

Your guest will love receiving  eco-friendly packaging that is made of 100% recycled materials.  Add candies, soaps or small treats along with ribbon and gift tags. For small gatherings, these little boxes come conveniently boxed 25 per pack or for larger celebrations, cases are available, 100 per pack.

Small Angled Gift Box - Unique Favor Packaging
 Warm your winter special occasion with red small angled gift boxes to add a unique flair to your gift packaging.  Add beautiful satin or sheer, matching or contrasting ribbon and place at each place-setting for your holiday private dinner party.

No guest will leave your home or affair empty-handed and they will appreciate your thoughtfulness and  treasure the distinctive, reusable gift box.
Diamond Confetti - Reception  Accessories

The crisp freshness of true red can help create a botanical wonderland indoors.  Sprinkle sparkling diamond gem confetti on your tables for your after-party or reception to enhance the joyous occasion.  The glittering tiny adornments are fabulous finds that add just the right amount of allure.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011
Beautiful affordable favor boxes can also serve as interesting accents for your shower, reception and birthday party.  To create a stylish flair to your special occasion add bold polka dot, stripe or damask favor boxes.

You can have a fabulous wedding table or reception table by adding color to enrich and enhance your party theme.  These lovely clear top favor boxes can be used to create  a magic garden party, romantic evening or trendy anniversary celebration, 

Now there's a way to add luxury and star quality to you next event to make it memorable! Unique favor boxes that are affordable, memorable and most of fun and reusable for your guests.  Let's make it a blissful affair!!

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Saturday, October 8, 2011
For all the women in your wedding party who are lovers of trendy and chic shoes, we have the perfect gift for your bridal luncheon, tea or shower - Soul Mates Designer Notepads.  So when it comes to celebrating one of the special moments leading up to your big day -spending precious time with the women in your wedding party has to be at the top of the list.

If you don't have the assistance of an expert wedding advisor or a celebrity wedding or party planner to help you plan such an event - don't fret. There's still a way for you to have a professional, enjoyable, fun-loving event that your friends and guests will rave about.

With a little inventiveness you can have a fabulous bridal shower using inspiration, creativity and DIY favors and accentsWhether you have a flair for the vintage era, a spirit of whimsy, the stateliness of sophisticationn, contemporary pizzaz or traditional our Soul Mates designer notepads are amazing!

So, to kick start your planning process, get organized around budget, color scheme and party theme.  First make a budget for each category of things you need. Secondly, let's start with a simple checklist. 

Bridal Shower/Luncheon/Tea Checklist
  • Invitations
  • Stamps
  • Food
  • Flowers
  • Decorations
  • Gifts
  • Favors
  • Games
  • Music
Let's focus on the gift selections for your social event.  Sou Mate Designer Notepads will definitely be a hit with the ladies as a unique jester of thoughtfulness and expression of appreciation.  There are several ways to add the Soul Mates to your bridal shower, luncheon or tea.   
  • Give as gifts to your bridesmaids during your tea or luncheon
  • Serve as prizes for your bridal shower game winners
  • Accent each place-setting at the bridal luncheon or tea 
  • Place them on the dessert table, strategically as enhancements to compliment your color scheme and give as gifts as your guests depart
  • Stack and asymmetrically arrange the notepads to create a trendy centerpiece (Soul Mates come in attractive shoe boxes), spurring conversation and interest

Impress your guests by making your bridal shower a festive occasion!  Practical, beautiful centerpieces, affordable personalinzed beverage napkins, and cutesy, economical take-aways are all choices that will make your bridal celebration a great success without breaking the bank. 

Fabulous, gorgeous, memorable Soul Mates Designer Notepads with panache - Oh My!

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Saturday, October 1, 2011
If you're having second thoughts about what to give your guests at your next event, why not give a gift that gives twice.  Eco-natural blooming gifts make fabulous one-of-a-kind favors.

These miniature window sill garden measures approximately 5" wide x 7" tall. It is made with a Kraft paper bag exterior and is lined inside with Mylar, making it leak-proof.

Chic, country, traditional, elegant, trendy or fanciful these eco-friendly, blooming bags and cans will inspire your friends, colleagues and guests to enjoy the botanical wonderland of nature.  Adding satin ,sheer, paper or raffia ribbon will dress up each bag for your special day.

Everything needed is included. Just open the zip-tight seal and pour out the enclosed enriched soil mix and nutrients and the premium seeds. Add water and sunlight and you will be on your way to the garden of your dreams.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

You've found your wedding dress, the venue, your accessories and maybe even decided on you honeymoon spot, so now  it's time to turn your attention and efforts to selecting your wedding invitations.

Golden Splendor - Candlelight Collection

Many of today's wedding invitations are printed on high quality card stock, can be personalized and feature complete customization options. They are unique, of the high quality and are offered in a variety of simple and designer wedding collections.

With the option to select from such a remarkable assortment of classic, elegant and affordable wedding  invitations, many brides need a little guidance to wade through the plethora of choices.

Hence, we've developed "8 Hot Tips" so you're be armed and ready to start looking for your wedding invitations.

 "8 Hot Tips to Select the Best Wedding Invitations"

1) Develop a budget -  establishing and sticking to a budget is essential. 

2) Select a theme - selecting your theme will keep you focused

3) Decide on a color scheme - this will help target your creativity when making your selections

4) Pick matching wedding favors - the theme, color and style will be enhanced if paired with your invitations

5) Choose corresponding themed wedding programs

6) Visit on-line wedding shops to save time and money  www.blissfulgatherings.com

7) Utilize social media - Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and blogs for advise and information

8) Participate in the "do-no-harm", eco-friendly wedding trend as a budget-friendly alternative

Wedding Invitation Ensemble

Although we mentioned this earlier, it bears mentioning again - budgeting is key because all budgets are not equal - meaning, your dream wedding and your current available funding source may need tweaking!

If you really want to maximize your budget, remember, in order to create a  romantic, contemporary, rustic or themed wedding, taking time to map out a plan that's practical yet allows expression of creativity when selecting your wedding invitations is important.

You may want to keep the your invitations simple in design so you can add unique, decorative or even intricate envelopes and  packaging.  Another option is to choose a more ornate invitation which will allow you to either select a complimentary elaborate envelope or flattering, understated packaging. Just remember, you're searching for unique and memorable wedding invitations that keep your budget in check.

Riviera -Exclusive Collection II

Selecting the right wedding invitations also depends on whether you are looking to have complementary events that would require matching stationery for your engagement party, rehearsal dinner, bridal luncheon, cocktail party, or even a backyard barbeque.

Most brides will have at least one or two of these complementary events.  Once you've determine how many and which complementary events you will have, let's discuss the next item - choosing your theme.
Gates to Paradise - Destination Wedding Invitations

Since one of our "8 Hot Tips" addresses your theme, take time to determine if you want wedding invitations to support a specific theme.

Some brides may say they don't have a theme, but at closer examination, I believe most will find they fall into one of the categories listed below, even if the theme is not palpable.

Although there may be many themes, we've listed only a few categories below to help you start the process of selecting a general wedding theme to guide your invitation choice.
  • classic, sophisticated
  • garden, rustic or beach
  • quaint, vintage, nostalgic
  • understated, minimalist
  • themed - by color, by style or by cause
  • trendy, contemporary 
  • eclectic, free-spirited, whimsical
  • traditional, conventional 
Elegant Clovers on Ecru - Chloe B. Wedding Invitations
    If you follow the "8 Hot Tips" mentioned earlier, we're sure you'll find invitation designs to give your wedding the stylish panache it deserves. Once you've made you've selection, we strongly urge you to stop looking, otherwise it's easy to start second-guessing and to become confused and bewildered by the hundreds of new wedding invitations, announcements and accessories introduced each week.

    Once the decision has be made, buy your invitations and move on to the next item on your list.


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