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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Your special day is coming up fast and you suddenly realize that your beautiful silk and organza off-the-shoulder wedding dress is going to show your black and red phoenix rising tattoo in the middle of your shoulder blades. You know your ultra-conservative mother-in-law-to-be may not understand that tattoos are a lot more accepted in society and you just haven't found that "perfect moment" to show her your own little piece of skin art - you do have an option. Cover it up.

If the image of you in your flowing, beautiful bridal gown with a big fat bandage on your back as you walk down the aisle jumps to mind, think again. There is a solution that will be absolutely flawless if you follow the instructions in the kit.

The Bridal Essentials Tattoo Removal Kit will be your life saver on your special day. Additionally, this make up in this kit is fantastic for making birthmarks, freckles, scars and surface discoloration from skin disorders disappear. If you want to have movie star legs for your wedding day, when applied it will completely make spider and varicose veins disappear and oops! If you had a run in with a table or door while rushing around getting those last minute preparations done for your big day, it will cover bruises too.

This tin includes Leg Magic that has an SPF of 16 and has 2-shades so you can get your own unique skin color. Primer powder and finishing powder. Camellia lotion and the necessary applicator sponge and brushes for the powder application and of course, complete instructions to make using this as easy as saying, "I do".

If you need to make something disappear for just a day, this waterproof, smudgeproof live saver will give you the perfect glowing skin that every bride should have!


by: Blissful Gatherings


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