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Saturday, March 29, 2008

When it boils down to the core, your wedding day is all about the celebration of the love you share with your husband-to-be and everyone at your wedding is sharing in your feelings. When you choose your favors and reception decor - make love the theme of the day.

Flower favors, particularly rose themed favors just ooze romance. Consider rose scented soaps and candles, Organza bags of rose petals with rosy bath salts are another wedding favor that is very romantic and appreciated.

Candles are another romantic touch you can add to your tables. Teacups and Tealights is an intriguing design of romance combined with beauty that will lend the air of love to each time it is lit. This is a truly beautiful melding of a porcelain 'china pattern' teacup that sits atop an attached saucer and the teacup is the perfect size to hold a single tea-light.

The brilliant silver pattern is an elegant accent on the gleaming white porcelain. The tealight is included and each "teacup and tealight" is packaged in a sophisticated showcase display box duplicating the china pattern on the teacup. The gift box is complete with a sheer organza ribbon and a lovely teapot shaped hang tag. You can have your tags personalized to give your favors your own individual style.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008
Instead of having the wedding ceremony in a stuffy hall or church, many brides are opting for the freedom of having their special day under the sun and blue sky (weather permitting) and have their ceremony outdoors.

The one major drawback to an outdoor wedding is that you have to plan your ceremony months in advance and so you don't any way to guess how the weather will actually be on your wedding day. So the best option is to have a back up plan, just in case a freak tsunami rainstorm hits on your wedding day. Either have your wedding at a venue that will accommodate all your guests should you need to run for cover or opt for a tent to cover - which is handy anyway if you've planned an outdoor wedding in the summer and it will keep the sun off your guests and the help keep the heat at bay.

Your favors for an outdoor wedding don't have to be the same boring old favors either. Give them a taste of the outdoors! Beautiful Calla Lily designed gift photo albums or a fun topiary photo/place card holders will make wonderfully unique gifts. Additionally, small butterfly baskets with flower seeds or cards that can be planted and perhaps some garden gel candles will all be very much appreciated by your guests.

Those are just a few fun ideas for making your outdoor wedding favors reflect the natural beauty of your special day. There are a lot of other fun choices to be found here. Happy wedding planning!

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

If you need a special gift for a special lady for a birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day or other important occasion, go for the unique and wonderful angle and she'll love your gift just a little bit more than all the others she receives.

If she's in a position that requires she hand out business cards, let her do it in style with a classy business card holder that is also personalized with either her name, initials or a special message.

Another silver gift that will meet the requirements of being uniquely styled as well as have the ability to be personalized is this fun silver vase. The modern, sleek design will allow it to meld seamlessly into any decor scheme and every attention to detail has been observed from the elegant design to the soft felt on the bottom so it may be displayed on any furnishing surface without fear of scratching. This will be a beautiful gift she will think of you for years to come when she glances at it.

A compact used to be a special keepsake that held precious facial powders or rouges which were expensive to come by. Gift a gift that is a throwback to days gone by in the form of a personalized silver compact. She can put whatever she likes best from her Bare Minerals make up to her favorite bronzer for a quick touch-up.

Use these tips and get your special lady a gift that is as uniquely elegant and individual as she is!


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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Got a great guy with an upcoming special occasion that will require a great gift? Easy enough until you factor in the fact he's the practical type and really loves gifts he can really use. Again no problem! We have a huge number of occasion-perfect gifts that will warm the practical guy's heart.

A card case is a great gift for the guy on the go that needs to give out his business card on a regular basis. Another gift that will go great with that a card case is a flashlight key chain in an elegant silver design. More business themed gifts that will go over great include desk accessories such as personalized pens and desk sets.

If he's a weekend warrior type and enjoys a cook out or getting away for the weekend and "roughing it". A backpack picnic set will make an outstanding gift and you can pair that up with a portable fold-n-go grill that he can pack and take along for a long weekend of camping and cooking out under the stars. Toss in a fun set of grilling tools and he'll be ready to go!

A stainless pocketknife will come in handy on a daily basis for a myriad of small duties and will otherwise hang out quietly in his pocket until called into service. You can also get it personalized to make a gift just for him.

Those are just a few ideas to make that practical fellow on your gift-giving list happy as can be. Use these tips and get him a gift he'll enjoy all year round! It's practically perfect.


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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Congratulations! A beach wedding is uniquely romantic and no matter if you choose to say your vows under a beautiful sunny day or a romantic sunset in the early evening.

Many brides opt for a traditional, long flowing wedding dress and others go for a simple beach attire ensemble that is put together especially for their special day.

Shoes are another consideration. Have you ever walked on sand in high heels? You will have two options, wear flats with a little extra spice added such as fresh flowers woven around the outside or you can get a temporary walkway laid down in the sand for both yourself and your wedding party to tread lightly upon for the ceremony.

Make your wedding favors uniquely beach-a-fied too. Use shell and sea themed place card holders for your tables. A palm tree cookie cutter will make a fabulous "thank you" for your guests. Items your guests can use for years to come that will be a happy reminder of their participation in your special day will come in the form of gorgeous frosted glass shell and starfish coasters.

Those are just a few ideas, it's your wedding and there are no wrong answers - just put a little thought into what you want for your special day and make it happen!

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

One of the biggest faux paux that many sales reps commit after making the sale is not following up within 30-days of the sale to do two things: (1) Make sure the new client is happy with the company's products and services and (2) Thanking the new client for their business.

A great way to say, "Thank you" to a new client is to give them a corporate level gift. An item that will be used often will serve two purposes. The first purpose is the function of the item and the second purpose is that every time the item is used, you and your company will be remembered. It's a great way to keep your company in the forefront of a clients' mind.

Tasteful gifts are necessary and common corporate thank you gifts are food gifts that an entire department can enjoy with a thank you card from your company. Since you can't know who is diabetic, on a diet or has other dietary restrictions, a fresh fruit and veggie tray is usually a good option as nearly everyone can enjoy something on the tray.

A leather business card holder is a tasteful gift that will get used frequently and you can even have it imprinted with your choice of wording for free.

Use these tips and make sure your new clients become steady clients. Show them that you appreciate their business and they'll show their thanks by continuing to use your company.


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Saturday, March 8, 2008
You want to be good to the earth and you duly recycle, carpool when you can and watch your energy consumption. Guess what? There are ways that your wedding can be eco-friendly too.

As far as where to have your wedding and your reception, make the commute as short as possible for everyone and some green-minded brides-to-be have rented buses to pick up and transport their wedding guests so no one has to drive at all.

Your favors will be another great way to show you're eco-friendly mindset. Favors that come in recycled bags and flower seeds make wonderful favors. Especially flowers such as lavender that will come back year after year after being planted.

Instead of rice which can harm birds and bird seed which may or may not get eaten by the birds and can cause accidents when it rolls when stepped on, many brides are opting for Eco-fetti which is Eco-fetti is biodegradable confetti and perfect for tossing at the wedding. When wet, the paper completely disintegrates and returns to the earth.

Recycled wedding cameras are another way that many brides are not only saving the costs of a wedding photographer but also letting guests get into the full vibe of the wedding. The cameras are recycled and ready to go and loaded with film. Many brides opt to spring for the wedding photos to be printed and then gift each guest with a copy of the photos that were taken.

Those are just a few ways you can incorporate your green beliefs into your special day!

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Thursday, March 6, 2008
Do you have someone you adore but yet they are hard to buy for? Add the fact that she's the practical sort and really only will enjoy presents that she can use.

Rather than get her a subscription she may or may not have time to read or yet another scarf that will be neatly folded in a drawer - think about something she may enjoy using on a daily basis, something that will make her feel good and something that will be pleasant to the senses.

A gift collection of items she can use all year round will make an outstanding gift. The PS Wild Rose Collection is sure to be a gift she will love. There is a wild rose bar of soap with a true rose scent and 1% white clay for pure pore cleansing. The rest of the collection includes a PS Big Bar Bagged(12oz), Body Lotion(6.8oz), Bath Salts (8oz), and a small booklet that is full of entertaining info about the legends, loves, lore, lifestyles, and other botanical bonafides. All of this is placed in a beautiful handcrafted wooden box that will be ideal (read: practical) for use to store other items after the items have been used. A great addition would be a rose scented candle in a beautiful holder or even a small grouping of floating candles in a rose shaped holder.

Now you know the secret for making that hard to buy for lady on your list happy this year with your gift choices, make this gift giving occasion a rosy one!


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