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Thursday, March 6, 2008
Do you have someone you adore but yet they are hard to buy for? Add the fact that she's the practical sort and really only will enjoy presents that she can use.

Rather than get her a subscription she may or may not have time to read or yet another scarf that will be neatly folded in a drawer - think about something she may enjoy using on a daily basis, something that will make her feel good and something that will be pleasant to the senses.

A gift collection of items she can use all year round will make an outstanding gift. The PS Wild Rose Collection is sure to be a gift she will love. There is a wild rose bar of soap with a true rose scent and 1% white clay for pure pore cleansing. The rest of the collection includes a PS Big Bar Bagged(12oz), Body Lotion(6.8oz), Bath Salts (8oz), and a small booklet that is full of entertaining info about the legends, loves, lore, lifestyles, and other botanical bonafides. All of this is placed in a beautiful handcrafted wooden box that will be ideal (read: practical) for use to store other items after the items have been used. A great addition would be a rose scented candle in a beautiful holder or even a small grouping of floating candles in a rose shaped holder.

Now you know the secret for making that hard to buy for lady on your list happy this year with your gift choices, make this gift giving occasion a rosy one!


by: Blissful Gatherings


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