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Saturday, March 8, 2008
You want to be good to the earth and you duly recycle, carpool when you can and watch your energy consumption. Guess what? There are ways that your wedding can be eco-friendly too.

As far as where to have your wedding and your reception, make the commute as short as possible for everyone and some green-minded brides-to-be have rented buses to pick up and transport their wedding guests so no one has to drive at all.

Your favors will be another great way to show you're eco-friendly mindset. Favors that come in recycled bags and flower seeds make wonderful favors. Especially flowers such as lavender that will come back year after year after being planted.

Instead of rice which can harm birds and bird seed which may or may not get eaten by the birds and can cause accidents when it rolls when stepped on, many brides are opting for Eco-fetti which is Eco-fetti is biodegradable confetti and perfect for tossing at the wedding. When wet, the paper completely disintegrates and returns to the earth.

Recycled wedding cameras are another way that many brides are not only saving the costs of a wedding photographer but also letting guests get into the full vibe of the wedding. The cameras are recycled and ready to go and loaded with film. Many brides opt to spring for the wedding photos to be printed and then gift each guest with a copy of the photos that were taken.

Those are just a few ways you can incorporate your green beliefs into your special day!

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