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Saturday, April 26, 2008
For a couple in love, saying the vows of marriage is a very special time, instead of repeating someone else's words, why not make up your own to match your own personal style and say that thing that mean the most to each other?

While writing personal wedding vows for some may come really easy, other people can find it intimidating and overwhelming. The key is don't panic and don't feel like you're on the spot to write a Pulitzer prize winning bit of prose, instead say what is in your heart and it doesn't have to be long, just mean it and it will be the perfect vows to say to the one you love at your wedding.

Some couples that decide to write their own vows do it separately and then the other person hears those vows for the first at the wedding ceremony along with all the wedding guests. Other couples choose to work together to write their vows. There are no wrong answer, it's up to your own personal choice.

Talk to the person that will be officiating your wedding ceremony and find out what will be legally required to be in your vows and what you can change. Your officiant will also probably have some good ideas, book suggestions or know of some websites that can offer help to people wanting to write their own vows. It's common for couples to give thanks in their vows to friends and family. Highlight the things they love the most about the person that they are marrying ("I love the way you supported me through bad times") and some couples put in dreams and goals in their vows and pledges for future love and support. Sharing a favorite poem in your vows is also commonly done.

Another plus is when you get your wedding favors printed you can include a line from your vows on your personalized tags or even in your invitations as a way to further personalize your wedding ceremony.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008
When you are choosing your wedding favors, you can't go wrong with anything that emits a soft, lovely light.
Candles make outstanding wedding favors. A candle can do dual duty as both an elegant home decor accessory as well as a wonderful reminder of the special day your shared with your wedding guests. You can take it a step further and include a personalized candle holder with your names and wedding date etched into the glass as a beautiful forever reminder of your wedding day.

Another wonderful wedding favor of light comes in the form of beautiful, small lanterns. These mini-lanterns stand 5-inches in height and hold a tea light perfectly. The removable lid makes replacing the tea light simple as pie and will enable the lanterns to be used for years to come in your guests' homes.

If your wedding or reception hall doesn't allow anything with a flame, you can still add the soft light aura you seek through the use of battery powered tea lights. They are safe and even flicker and emulate an actual flame so it doesn't look like a lot of blinking Christmas tree lights around your room. Instead the tea lights actually flicker and give a soft, surreal air to the event.

You can't go wrong adding lights to your favor list -choose the ones that will best fit your venue and your wedding guests will be thrilled.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wedding favors have been a part of marriage tradition since the days of the early Romans. Giving gifts on a wedding day is shared by many different cultures and has been a part of American society as well.

Traditional wedding favors of years gone by included gifts of hard-to-come-by sweet and savories such as almonds, chocolates, cookies; also spices were once prized as wedding favors.

In the present day, your choices in favors are more diverse than ever but some of the most common include small picture frames, custom labels on wine bottles, custom flower seed packets, candy bars sporting a personalized wrapper, small cake slice shaped boxes, to snow globes. Wine glass candles make a beautiful presentation. Literally, your imagination is your only limit!

When you're choosing your favors for your wedding guests, make them uniquely "you" and thoughtful. If you have a decidedly Asian theme for your wedding, Feng Shui it all the way with pairs and use a Chinese take-out box as your favor box. Outdoor weddings can use seed packets, watering can boxes and other items to make the favors fit the theme of the day.

Personalized favors always make a splash. Etched items the guest can use for ages to come such as glass trivets, silver spoons and other precious keepsakes will make it a wonderful memory to evoke every time they glance at your favor from your special day.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Even if you follow the usual guidelines and are able to start planning your wedding day a year in advance, you're going to find that no matter what - it won't seem like you have enough time. Cutting corners wherever you can will save you not only time but money as well. Remember the golden rule of weddings, it doesn't have to BE expensive to LOOK expensive.

Wedding favors are a staple of the majority of modern day weddings and they are simply a way to thank your family and friends for sharing in your special day. Common wedding favors include candles, etched coasters, gives to grow such as "Thank you" cards with seeds made right into the paper, jewelry and silver spoons. And that's just a tiny portion of what a bride can choose for her favors.

Choosing favors by wedding colors is also popular. If you're having a black and white wedding, choose black and white wedding favors. White and black items packaged in black and white formal boxes or bags with black or white ribbons will make a beautiful statement on the tables for your wedding guests.

If you're apprehensive about buying your wedding favors online, the pros for doing so are many. You're limited about when you can shop if you limit yourself to your local bridal shop and you're also limited to whatever the store owner has chosen to carry. When you shop online, the choices are huge as you get to see entire lines of favors and you will have a huge array of choices for your wedding favors.

Personalization exactly how you want it on a larger number of choices is also a big plus for shopping online. You can make each and every favor have your guests' names on them and when you buy online, most favors will cost less as there is no store, little overhead and the ability to offer better pricing than most local outlets.

Is safety online a concern for you? Our payment servers are encrypted with 128-bit SS-security and your information is never shared with third parties, so your private information stays just that, private!

It's your wedding day, make it uniquely you with the exact favors and gifts you want to give and give yourself the freedom of a truly huge selection by shopping online.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

With the weather warming up (finally!) it's time to start thinking about your next round of birthdays that are coming up and how you're going to celebrate. During the cooler months in Fall and cold and often snowy days of Winter, it's a given that your birthday parties will be held indoors and sometimes bad weather will keep guests from attending.

Now that the days are warming up with Spring and we're almost into Summer, you can start planning outdoor parties where preparations aren't huge for the host or hostess, clean up is a breeze after the party and guests can enjoy themselves and be casual.

Plan an outdoor event for your birthday bash and include some fun favors for your guests. Traditional birthday hats made into clever gift boxes make the funnest of favor boxes and you can fill them with all sorts of fun items such as jelly beans, chocolate kisses, candy hearts with sassy sayings and even stash in a note from yourself that you're so glad they came!

The weather is becoming perfect for an outdoor event, start planning yours!

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Saturday, April 5, 2008
When you have a large circle of friends and the bridal shower invitations start coming, you want to attend each and every shower because you love your friends, but when you're on a budget you have to be careful with your bank account and spend every dollar wisely.

Obviously, you can't choose to attend one shower and not another without hurting feelings so a good solution is to get creative with your bridal shower gifts and that way you can give a great gift without reaching into your emergency savings.

Gift of Favors
Offer a cute stuffed animal with a special book of coupons you made with favors. From a free night of babysitting (if she already has kiddos) to taking care of the newlyweds home when they go on their honeymoon to free housecleaning for a month! It's a useful and fun gift.

Gift to Keep
A keepsake is a great gift. She'll be celebrating anniversaries after this and mementos that capture and remind her of the magic of her special day and the fact your friendship was part of that will be a wonderful reminder for years to come. An engraved item or something specially made in silver will be a beautiful reminder of the bond you share.

Gifts to Use
If you're crafty, you can make a special wedding quilt or other heirloom memento for your bride-to-be. Another great idea is to give her something she can use now, like a relaxation aromatherapy kit. Beautiful scents and a relaxing bath can do away with the "before the wedding jitters".

See? Just get a little creative and you can give a great gift at every shower you attend without spending a fortune.


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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

For your wedding day you want two things, okay well, three things:

1- The day to go as planned (Yes, that 's the big one!).
2- Everyone to love your wedding favors.
3- For it to show you put some thought and planning into your wedding favors.

It's easy to narrow down your wedding favor choices based on the theme of your wedding. Outdoor weddings fare well with floral and butterfly-styled wedding favors. Beach weddings will have a huge number of choices from pail and shovel favor baskets to starfish and shell soap favors. Also, if you're the more traditional type of bride, wedding favors of etched glass, candle holders, and gifts of silver are all still very much a good idea.

Once you choose your wedding favors, you'll have the choice on many of them to get the favor personalized - this is a great idea if it is in your budget. It's normally not too expensive to have a favor personalized, however the number of favors you're going to need is what can run up your budget.

Also, last but not least, the kiss of personalization for your wedding favors will be found in your gift tags. Make those as special as the rest of your gifts. You can choose from laser cut snowflakes, to traditional tags to the very unique and unusual, wedding bell gift tags.

There are no wrong answers here, it's just a matter of what you want on your gifts for your special day, but remember - the little things really do mean a lot!

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