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Thursday, April 10, 2008

With the weather warming up (finally!) it's time to start thinking about your next round of birthdays that are coming up and how you're going to celebrate. During the cooler months in Fall and cold and often snowy days of Winter, it's a given that your birthday parties will be held indoors and sometimes bad weather will keep guests from attending.

Now that the days are warming up with Spring and we're almost into Summer, you can start planning outdoor parties where preparations aren't huge for the host or hostess, clean up is a breeze after the party and guests can enjoy themselves and be casual.

Plan an outdoor event for your birthday bash and include some fun favors for your guests. Traditional birthday hats made into clever gift boxes make the funnest of favor boxes and you can fill them with all sorts of fun items such as jelly beans, chocolate kisses, candy hearts with sassy sayings and even stash in a note from yourself that you're so glad they came!

The weather is becoming perfect for an outdoor event, start planning yours!

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