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Thursday, April 24, 2008
When you are choosing your wedding favors, you can't go wrong with anything that emits a soft, lovely light.
Candles make outstanding wedding favors. A candle can do dual duty as both an elegant home decor accessory as well as a wonderful reminder of the special day your shared with your wedding guests. You can take it a step further and include a personalized candle holder with your names and wedding date etched into the glass as a beautiful forever reminder of your wedding day.

Another wonderful wedding favor of light comes in the form of beautiful, small lanterns. These mini-lanterns stand 5-inches in height and hold a tea light perfectly. The removable lid makes replacing the tea light simple as pie and will enable the lanterns to be used for years to come in your guests' homes.

If your wedding or reception hall doesn't allow anything with a flame, you can still add the soft light aura you seek through the use of battery powered tea lights. They are safe and even flicker and emulate an actual flame so it doesn't look like a lot of blinking Christmas tree lights around your room. Instead the tea lights actually flicker and give a soft, surreal air to the event.

You can't go wrong adding lights to your favor list -choose the ones that will best fit your venue and your wedding guests will be thrilled.

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