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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wedding favors have been a part of marriage tradition since the days of the early Romans. Giving gifts on a wedding day is shared by many different cultures and has been a part of American society as well.

Traditional wedding favors of years gone by included gifts of hard-to-come-by sweet and savories such as almonds, chocolates, cookies; also spices were once prized as wedding favors.

In the present day, your choices in favors are more diverse than ever but some of the most common include small picture frames, custom labels on wine bottles, custom flower seed packets, candy bars sporting a personalized wrapper, small cake slice shaped boxes, to snow globes. Wine glass candles make a beautiful presentation. Literally, your imagination is your only limit!

When you're choosing your favors for your wedding guests, make them uniquely "you" and thoughtful. If you have a decidedly Asian theme for your wedding, Feng Shui it all the way with pairs and use a Chinese take-out box as your favor box. Outdoor weddings can use seed packets, watering can boxes and other items to make the favors fit the theme of the day.

Personalized favors always make a splash. Etched items the guest can use for ages to come such as glass trivets, silver spoons and other precious keepsakes will make it a wonderful memory to evoke every time they glance at your favor from your special day.

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