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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

For your wedding day you want two things, okay well, three things:

1- The day to go as planned (Yes, that 's the big one!).
2- Everyone to love your wedding favors.
3- For it to show you put some thought and planning into your wedding favors.

It's easy to narrow down your wedding favor choices based on the theme of your wedding. Outdoor weddings fare well with floral and butterfly-styled wedding favors. Beach weddings will have a huge number of choices from pail and shovel favor baskets to starfish and shell soap favors. Also, if you're the more traditional type of bride, wedding favors of etched glass, candle holders, and gifts of silver are all still very much a good idea.

Once you choose your wedding favors, you'll have the choice on many of them to get the favor personalized - this is a great idea if it is in your budget. It's normally not too expensive to have a favor personalized, however the number of favors you're going to need is what can run up your budget.

Also, last but not least, the kiss of personalization for your wedding favors will be found in your gift tags. Make those as special as the rest of your gifts. You can choose from laser cut snowflakes, to traditional tags to the very unique and unusual, wedding bell gift tags.

There are no wrong answers here, it's just a matter of what you want on your gifts for your special day, but remember - the little things really do mean a lot!

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