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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Even if you follow the usual guidelines and are able to start planning your wedding day a year in advance, you're going to find that no matter what - it won't seem like you have enough time. Cutting corners wherever you can will save you not only time but money as well. Remember the golden rule of weddings, it doesn't have to BE expensive to LOOK expensive.

Wedding favors are a staple of the majority of modern day weddings and they are simply a way to thank your family and friends for sharing in your special day. Common wedding favors include candles, etched coasters, gives to grow such as "Thank you" cards with seeds made right into the paper, jewelry and silver spoons. And that's just a tiny portion of what a bride can choose for her favors.

Choosing favors by wedding colors is also popular. If you're having a black and white wedding, choose black and white wedding favors. White and black items packaged in black and white formal boxes or bags with black or white ribbons will make a beautiful statement on the tables for your wedding guests.

If you're apprehensive about buying your wedding favors online, the pros for doing so are many. You're limited about when you can shop if you limit yourself to your local bridal shop and you're also limited to whatever the store owner has chosen to carry. When you shop online, the choices are huge as you get to see entire lines of favors and you will have a huge array of choices for your wedding favors.

Personalization exactly how you want it on a larger number of choices is also a big plus for shopping online. You can make each and every favor have your guests' names on them and when you buy online, most favors will cost less as there is no store, little overhead and the ability to offer better pricing than most local outlets.

Is safety online a concern for you? Our payment servers are encrypted with 128-bit SS-security and your information is never shared with third parties, so your private information stays just that, private!

It's your wedding day, make it uniquely you with the exact favors and gifts you want to give and give yourself the freedom of a truly huge selection by shopping online.

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