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Saturday, April 26, 2008
For a couple in love, saying the vows of marriage is a very special time, instead of repeating someone else's words, why not make up your own to match your own personal style and say that thing that mean the most to each other?

While writing personal wedding vows for some may come really easy, other people can find it intimidating and overwhelming. The key is don't panic and don't feel like you're on the spot to write a Pulitzer prize winning bit of prose, instead say what is in your heart and it doesn't have to be long, just mean it and it will be the perfect vows to say to the one you love at your wedding.

Some couples that decide to write their own vows do it separately and then the other person hears those vows for the first at the wedding ceremony along with all the wedding guests. Other couples choose to work together to write their vows. There are no wrong answer, it's up to your own personal choice.

Talk to the person that will be officiating your wedding ceremony and find out what will be legally required to be in your vows and what you can change. Your officiant will also probably have some good ideas, book suggestions or know of some websites that can offer help to people wanting to write their own vows. It's common for couples to give thanks in their vows to friends and family. Highlight the things they love the most about the person that they are marrying ("I love the way you supported me through bad times") and some couples put in dreams and goals in their vows and pledges for future love and support. Sharing a favorite poem in your vows is also commonly done.

Another plus is when you get your wedding favors printed you can include a line from your vows on your personalized tags or even in your invitations as a way to further personalize your wedding ceremony.

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