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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Decorating for a reception can be exciting and exhausting. What color scheme to have, what kind of flowers to correlate, what kind of center piece to have, etc? There is so much to think about. Yet, here is an idea for you! If a romantic, intimate setting is what you are aiming toward, candles are a great way to set the stage for that very thing!

In the reception hall, why not have the lights dimmed low, and candles everywhere? On the tables, you could use simple glass bowls and have an array of floating candles lit in them for a warm, dreamy feel.

Another way would be to use a great candle holder with flowers entangled around the piece. Flowers add the touch of color while the candles add the glow for intimate settings.

Don’t forget that afterwards, the centerpieces you use can make for a lovely gift to your bridesmaids as a, “Thank you!”

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Your wedding day can truly be your own personal fairytale and you can make it even more so by capitalizing on the fun of fairytale wedding favors.

Some ideas for fun fairytale wedding favors include enchanted carriage favor boxes that will ring in the fun of the ending of Cinderella, making fairytale wishes come true. Another fun box is the Prince Charming tealight in a castle gift box (comes with a set of four tealights).

Treat your wedding guests royally to a candle that emulates the crown jewels or how about a romantic coach candle? Both of these will "Wow" your wedding guests and keep the vibe of the fairy tale alive for your special day.

For the bride that really does feel like Cinderella, a "Happily Ever After" slipper candle will keep the fires of romance bright and add a dash of fun to any home decor.

Sand castles are great for combining summer weddings or beach weddings with a fairytale theme. Sand castle tea lights and bath bars will be great when combined in a fun coach wedding favor box. What's more romantic than a garden? A garden given as a wedding favor! Give your guests the gift that will really keep giving year after year and let them enjoy a bag of garden flowers!

It's your wedding day, make it the ultimate fairytale come true with your own fairytale wedding favors.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008
Bubbles are often overlooked as wedding favors when in fact, they can add a lot of fun to your reception and let your guests get into the spirit of the occasion. Bubbles don't hurt, they don't stain and they float a few feet and the disappear so there's no mess either like you have with bird seed, confetti and other things. Many brides are also opting for bubble machines in lieu of releasing doves or butterflies at their weddings.

Wedding bubbles are an ideal component to add to your wedding reception and best of all, you can get them in favors that your guests can take home. You will have a lot of choices for your bubble favors. A popular style is the "formal" look that includes bubble bottles dressed up in formal tuxedos. Heart topped bubbles and wedding dress bubbles all in white also make wonderful favors.

If you want something a little less formal and more fun, try a heart topped tube of bubbles and tie a bow on the top to add a dash of your individual style and match your wedding colors. Some bubbles are packaged very uniquely, such as the champagne glass bubbles.

If you want to really make your bubble favors personal. You can get blank bubble bottles and create your own stickers (or have them printed) and put them on yourself. You will have a favor that absolutely no one else will have had at their wedding!

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