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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Decorating for a reception can be exciting and exhausting. What color scheme to have, what kind of flowers to correlate, what kind of center piece to have, etc? There is so much to think about. Yet, here is an idea for you! If a romantic, intimate setting is what you are aiming toward, candles are a great way to set the stage for that very thing!

In the reception hall, why not have the lights dimmed low, and candles everywhere? On the tables, you could use simple glass bowls and have an array of floating candles lit in them for a warm, dreamy feel.

Another way would be to use a great candle holder with flowers entangled around the piece. Flowers add the touch of color while the candles add the glow for intimate settings.

Don’t forget that afterwards, the centerpieces you use can make for a lovely gift to your bridesmaids as a, “Thank you!”

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Anonymous Cawley Taylor said...

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