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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's wonderful - our Girlfriend's Gourmet Collection as  a Bridal Shower Party Gifts, is a Class Act!

Bridal Shower Party Gift Collection
You can take a little time off from planning your wedding to relax and celebrate with your bridal party.  Start with our colorful,  edible gifts.  Invite your bridesmaids over and plan to be the life of the party all while giving your wedding party the greatest, practical gifts they'll truly enjoy.  

The Collection comes in pretty boxes  and easy-to-serve  packaging.  Each guest will receive their own personal edible treat as a token of your appreciation.  The Collection includes enough favors for 36 guests or 42 if you decide to give the lovely Sugar Cookie Mixes as gifts instead of preparing as a gourmet dish for the tea sipping group.  The Collection includes 12 each of Raspberry Tea, French Vanilla Coffee, Pink Lemonade and 6 Sugar Cookie Mixes all in adorable packaging!

The beautiful bold green bucket display can be used as a table accent or centerpiece at you bridal shower or bridal luncheon.

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by: Blissful Gatherings


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