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Monday, November 11, 2013
There are so, so, many things to plan when that big day approaches. You’ve already decided on your dress, your attendants, the setting, the colors, the flowers, the cake, and they are all a reflection of your vision and the love you’re celebrating. Every bride and/or bride and groom wants to tie down those details and make it a day that will be remembered, not only by her and the one she loves, but also by the friends and family with whom she’ll be sharing this momentous and memorable day. With that in mind, you should start to give wedding favors some thought.  Here are a few choices for your favors: 

  • Frame Card Holder
  • Vintage Muslin Bags 
  • Candle Wedding Favors
Vintage Muslins Bags
Though it’s entirely possible that those attending the wedding will have photos and, of course, they’ll have memories of the occasion that they will look back on, the one tangible thing your guests will take with them will be the wedding favor. Just like the food being served, presentation is an important part, and unique favor packaging can make all the difference.  

No matter your budget or how crafty you are, there are options you can choose that will help make what ever you decide on as your favor to be even more special.  These little gems come in just about any color, pattern or size that can be imagined, and can either conceal the contents or show it off, some of them having transparent lids or even being entirely clear, like some of the bags and boxes
  • Mini Stripe Take-out Boxes
  • Reusable Burlap Tote Shopping Bag

Round Gourmet Box

There are plenty of interesting choices for today's bride.  You can start out plain and eco-friendly, and by adding custom, personalized stickers and some ribbon with your colors, turn a Plain Jane Kraft paper box or burlap bag into a miniature work of art.  They can even be personalized with tags, labels or stickers.

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